Essential furniture for first time homemakers

Furniture plays a major part in adding to the interior design . It’s not just the colour combination and the lighting , but also the furniture of a home that should be very wisely selected and complement the other two . It’s like the icing on the cake .

It’s not only important to identify  what kind of furniture is needed but also where it is needed . Too much furniture in a particular room can prove to be clumsy and is the reason behind a cluttered home .So try to keep minimal furniture in your rooms while giving it a chic look to keep it simple and clutter free.

Here are certain tips to help you choose the right furniture for your home :

  1. For the bedroom:

    Apart from the essential furnitures like bed and a closet , you can add –

  • A good Chesterfield sofa – You can add it , provided you have a spacious bedroom .

    Chesterfield sofas
  • Fancy mirrors – Variety of mirrors are available in different shapes and designs which you can add according to your colour theme and space .

    Mirrors for your bedroom occupying minimal space .
  • Dressing table – They have mirrors as well as space for keeping your cosmetics .
  • Side puffy set – If you don’t have enough space for a long sofa , you can make your limited space look great by adding side puffy sets .They add an extra edge to your interior design , and is ideal for small spaces like  flats .

    Side puffy set
  • Fancy Chairs – If you don’t want heavy sofas and puffy sets , you can simply buy some good chairs for your home .
  • Side table is a must – Be sure to have a coffee and side table for resting drinks on and ample lighting and lamps for tasks such as reading, writing or watching television.

    Side table for bedrooms
  • Television stand holder –  television stand should have plenty of storage space for electronic equipment, DVDs, CDs and board games.

    Television stand cum console
  • Console – You can add console table to your bedroom . You can also keep flower pots and showpieces on the top of it to give it a nice look .

2.For the living room !

  • Dining table -A family that eats together , stays together ! Whether you have a traditional dining room or a dinette in your kitchen, it’s important to designate a space where your family sits and eats together.So you must select a nice dining table for your living room that matches your interior design  . You can either add the dining table to the living room or can add it to the kitchen (if the space allows). Be sure to buy chairs that are comfortable to sit on or have plenty of cushions!

    Dining table
  • A hutch- It is a perfect addition that helps complete your dining area and provides extra room to store your dishes, wine glasses or recipe books.

  • Sofas – They are the part and parcel of the living area . You can select sofas according to your interior design – be it a traditional or modern one .

3. For the lobby –

  • Accent chairs – You can add accent chairs in the lobby if space is a little less.

    Accent chairs
  • Chaise lounge – They are in trend these days and will give a boost to your interior design , provided you have enough space to keep them in your lobby .
Chaice lounge for your lobby
  • Recliner chairs – You can add these to relax and chill in your lobby area as they are very comfortable .

    Recliner chairs
  • A small console table with fancy  showpieces and mirrors on the back  wall look stylish .

Make sure that you buy a long lasting furniture because it is not something you buy everyday and its expensive too . Best of luck !!


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