How to decorate your book shelves !

Well ! Holidays are here ! And now that you have some time for yourself finally,  it’s time to sort the disarranged book shelves that you had not bothered to keep properly during those exam days or to rearrange your cupboard where your clothes are descending from your shelves.

Books are our best companions ! All those avid readers out there, who have a huge collection of books , must keep their books in an artistic way that makes reading even more enjoyable. A cleverly arranged bookcase can be as pretty as a window view. Besides being an avid reader, bring out the artist in you, with these simple decorating tips –


Couple shades darker –

Use paint that is a couple shades darker than the room colour .bookshelf with a darker colour than the other walls

Mirror game –mirror work on book shelf

Adding mirrors along the back of the inbuilt shelves will add depth to them .

Graphics –

Add graphics along the back to make it look stylish .


Adding wallpapers can do wonders .


Use decor as bookends. Decor pieces such as picture frames and  art accessories can be used as bookends. This can impart a truly new flavor to your book shelves.bookends

Alternate arrangement –

Stack your books horizontally as well as vertically rather than just giving it one monotonous direction .books stacked horizontally and vertically

Keep distance !

If you have bookshelf unit , keep it away from the wall , if you have enough space in your room and surround it by artistic pieces . This will give a boost to your interior design .

Open shelves !

Open shelves and steel hardware add a cool flair to your interiors .open shelf

Stuff toys as bookends !

Use stuff toys for a child’s bookshelf.

stuff toys as bookends
Stuff toys as bookends look great !

Glass glow !

You can use glass doors for the shelves also . Infact many designer glasses are available in the market which will add a classy look to the shelf .

glass case for bookshelf
Glass case !

Use these tips to create a perfect bookshelf so that you can enjoy your world of fantasies while reading books ! Good luck !

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